About Us

The Happy Destination is our journey of a mother-daughter duo as we explore this life, staying fit, healthy, and fueling our souls by chasing our Happy Destinations.

Hi, we are Alisha (daughter) and Tania (mother), & welcome to our website, The Happy Destination! Happy Destination comes from the word “Sugati” in Sanskrit. It refers to both the physical act of travel and the inner travel. Sugati relays the world as experienced by a traveler moving with open arms, to embrace all that is…moving into wellness, bliss, and higher insight.

This whole thing started out as a simple idea of creating something together, as mother and daughter. We both ended up in the fitness industry. Tania owns a beautiful Pilates Studio in Las Vegas and is a certified IIN Health Coach. Alisha is a Spin Instructor and travels around the country training and opening new studios for the company she works for. We also have a deep love of traveling and exploring the world which started back when Alisha was young. Our love for traveling together blossomed  when Alisha was in college. We traveled through Europe together and since then, have explored all over the U.S., Hawaii and have traveled as far as Bali together. It was in Bali when the “The Happy Destination actually came to life.”

Fast forward to present day and we have created The Happy Destination as our way of creating a platform for like minded people to explore the world and create authentic relationships. Our vision is to connect with other cultures and communities, to stay active and to fuel our souls by chasing our Happy Destinations.

We can’t wait to explore the world with all of you! Combining our passion for fitness/movement/health with traveling and connecting with new cultures is what this is ALL about for us.