"Happy Destination hosted a trip to Cuba and in joining I took a leap of faith. See, I had only met Tania twice before deciding to join the group to Cuba. I am thankful that I did take that leap!

Prior to leaving Tania and Alisha were in communication with us regularly, even hosting a Zoom meeting for us. They answered any questions we had and also discussed things to expect.

I had not been on a trip with a group and itinerary so I was a bit worried if I would like it. The days were planned for us but there were times where we changed it or opted out of things. Most of the time it was a group decision. Sometimes it was our personal preference. There was flexibility. I actually enjoyed the things we did and didn't opt out of the activities. Turns out, this solo traveler can also enjoy a group planned vacation.

During the week, Tania and Alisha made us all feel like family, which is comforting when you are in a country you don't know much about and have no other family with you. The trip was filled with laughter, tears of happiness, movement, and diving into the Cuban culture. If you are looking for an off the beaten path adventure, love being around positive people then you should definitely join a Happy Destination adventure. You won't regret it!"

Stacy Extence

"I signed up and decided to go on this retreat without putting much thought into it. I had never been on a wellness retreat let alone considered going to Cuba. I knew I wanted a unique experience and a memorable trip. Going in without any expectations, I was completely blown away. There was a great mix of history and culture, fitness, and downtime to explore. Every detail was thoughtfully planned out and incredibly special. Not only was the experience wonderful, everyone on the trip bonded and felt like a big family by the end. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful I decided to go. I can not recommend The Happy Destination enough - you won't regret it!"

Katy Boyles