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About our Accommodations: Casa Particular

“Casa particular,” or “Casa” for short, are private Cuban homesteads that a rented and serve like Bed & Breakfasts. In 1997, the Cuban government allowed Cuban families to rent out their rooms as a source of income. While other accommodations like hotels and motels are owned by the Cuban government, “Casa Particular” became a means for Cuban families to rent out rooms in their houses to visitors and tourists. In fact, the term “Casa Particular” literally means “Private House!”

The Happy Destination will have accommodations in Vedado, which is where we’ll find the liveliest nightlife and culinary scene in Cuba. The 11-story building 15 apartments all with elevator access. Each bedroom with feature 1 or 2 beds, and a one bed, private accommodation can be guaranteed with an additional $300 (featured as an option when you book).

Disclaimer: Don’t forget - Cuba is still a developing nation. Our accommodations will feature some modern comforts, but if you’re looking for a beach getaway in a gated 5-star hotel, this isn’t the trip for you. But if you’re ready to get a little uncomfortable and experience real Cuban culture with dancing, live music, authentic Cuban cuisine, and real people, this trip is for you!

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