What kind of things do we do together?? Hang in Bali, for one!! I want to share my adventure in Bali with you all, but where to begin? “The Bali” experience is something that can’t be explained, it’s a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. Bali is called “The Island of The Gods”. While there I was lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful locations. and I can see why that nickname came to be.

Upon our arrival in Bali we were greeted by a man with a big smile, jumping up and down with a sign that said “Soul Shine.” His name was Agung. He became one of the many Balinese people that would become our friend. Soul Shine is a charming resort co-owned by Michael Franti. If you know Michael Franti, you know it is a man living a very “Namaste” life. The resort was beautiful, cozy and elegant all in one. It was all one could have hoped for.

Our days consisted of yoga twice a day with Jano, a yogi I soon grew to love and respect. Jano has a kind heart and a beautiful wife. Delicious organic meals prepared by Balinese people were served with a smile, love and kindness. The facility was beautiful with its outdoor kitchen, infinity pool that over looks there rice paddy field and organic garden. When we were not practicing yoga we were exploring the island, visiting temples, coffee plantations, waterfalls, shopping in the adorable boutiques, relaxing at the cool cafes and dining at world class restaurants. That was the first week.

Our second week in Ubud, Bali. We checked into a delightful Hotel, called Kama Bisma in the center of town. Recommended by my friend Roxana. There we were greeted my our very own Ketut. The story of the Balinese peoples name is beautiful and rich in their culture, Ketut being the last born. This second week was amazing as our bodies were strong, our minds clear and our hearts full from our week long yoga retreat.

I was lucky enough to have friends that had visited Bali, friends that had moved to Bali, and friends I met in a retreat 8 years ago from Tazmania. These amazing friends put me in contact with their friend now living in Bali. Yes, can you believe a trip around the world felt so familiar because of these connections.

This was a blessing in itself. It was also a reminder that the friends you keep will keep you grounded if chosen correctly. One of these connections put me in touch with Yansu, a young tour guide with a big smile. He held all the knowledge I needed to learn about the island, the beautiful people, their culture and way of life. Yansu took us to several temples. Tanah lot temple, Mother temple, Pura Tirta temple and Ulun Danu Temple. The rice paddy terraces, young beach, and an amazing sunrise hike in his village, this definitely was one of our biggest adventure. My dear friend, Charlotte recommended the Campuhan walk. Which is an easy trek in the center of town along rice paddy fields, galleries, and cafes, ending with a deep in the infinity pool at Jungle Fish Day Beach and Spa. We ended that day with dinner at an amazing Plant based restaurant called Sage with Charlotte and her boyfriend Flo. While in this second week of Bali, I also had coffee with a new friend, that I was introduced to me via Facebook. This man just happened to have a mutual friend with me! Can you believe it. Yes, three and a half degrees of separation was happening to me. I was finding myself feeling goose bumps and full of blessings. I could feel my life changing. Let’s not forget the many new Balinese friends I made.

Bali may have had a way of blessing me, but it also had way of testing me to! I had some many little things happen in the beginning that made me doubt my taking the trip at all. But once I opened my heart and listened to my inner child it all came together. You too can come to Bali and you just may find a beautiful piece of you, where you find yourself free of judgment and fear and instead may find yourself riding behind scooters with your arms wide open and a big smile.

The thing I loved most about Bali is that it offers something for everyone. With its amazing wave breaks, unique shopping, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and for the foodie, fantastic restaurants. I feel as though Bali is a reminder of how important kindness and generosity are: the locals are so lovely and cheerful that it would be hard to have a bad day, someone was always putting a smile on my face. This will stay with me forever. When having a bad day now, this is the place in my heart and mind that I go to now. I am truly blessed. I encourage you all to try Bali, even just once.